Kingdom of The Wicked By Kerri Maniscalco (Book Review)

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Kingdom of The Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco is an incredible fast-paced fantasy novel set in Italy. The novel revolves around twin witches, Vittoria and Emilia. One night Vittoria doesn’t return to her normal shift at her families restaurant for work.

At first no one pays this much mind, but her sister, Emilia, chooses to investigate only to find her dead. But how and from whom? Devestated by the loss of the one person she loved more than anything, Emilia chooses to seek vengance for her death by tracking down the murderer.

But she’s going to need help…so Emilia chooses to dabble in dark magic to bring upon this earth one of the wicked princes of Hell; Wrath. At first Wrath claims to be on Emilias side and vows to help her figure out which of his brothers committed this heinous crime..but not everything is as it seems.

I absolutely adored this book! I loved the slow burn romance, mystery and the Italian feel of it throughout.

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Characters – 10/10

Plot – 9/10

World Building – N/A

Writing Style – 9/10

Overall – 9.5/10

Rating Breakdown

Characters – 10/10

Emilia is such a strong independent protagonist in this book. Wrath played the cunning and dark male protagonist with a bit of “I’m a bad boy, but I have a soft spot for girls like you..” very well.

I also loved the supporting characters like Wraths brothers and Emilias grandmother! Both gave the story so much life.

If you love books where a strong female slowly falls for a dark mysterious guy – this book is for you!

Plot – 9/10

Before I knew about the characters, I was drawn into this book because of the plot! I love a good dark mystery and that mixed with witches was my perfect cup of tea.

I loved how this book lead from one mystery to another, and as someone who usually figures it out halfway through – I’m still puzzled!

This YA fantasy is great if you love fantasy books with a bit of something dark within it.

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World Building – N/A

I chose not to base this books rating on this portion because I felt like the book didn’t have much world building to it?

The story takes place entirely in Italy and thats really all we needed to know for this specific book. I felt like compared to other fantasy novels this book didn’t have an insane amount of world building where I could rate it honestly.

Writing Style – 9/10

I love Kerri Maniscalco’s writing! Did you know she also wrote The Stalking of Jack the Ripper series.

I didn’t! But after reading Kingdom of the Wicked – I could see the similarity in the writing style especially the banter between characters. I felt like the book was very well written and gave me such a rollercoaster of emotions throughout.

Overall – 9.5/10

Overall I rated this book very high. I loved everything about it and I’m a sucker for a good slow burn romance. I really felt drawn into the characters lives and am so excited that the second book is coming out soon!!

I hope you enjoyed this book review and if you read the book – What were your thoughts on it?

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