Sadie (Book Review)

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Are you a fan of mystery novels?

Are you sick of the usual whodunit mystery books? We all know it’s the butler. How about a book about a young girl who died mysteriously and a sister trying to find answers from the unknown killer himself. I promise there are no butlers in this book.

Well, I believe Sadie is the book you’re looking for. Written by Courtney Summers, Sadie is a novel that switches from the point of view of Sadie herself and a podcast host named West McCray.

The novel is unique, not only in its mysterious plot but also in the way its written. Half the book is written like an interview and the other half is written normally.

The book follows Sadie as she follows clues towards her sister Matties’ killer. It also pings pongs back to West who is a podcast host with a new segment that’s obsessed with not only finding Matties killer but also where Sadie disappeared. Both characters meet a number of people, actually crossing over a few times as West follows Sadies trail. Each interview West conducts digs deeper into the girls’ past. In the end, it is both a heartwarming and heartbreaking story of a bond that can never be broken.

The book made me stand up and cheer for Sadie’s courageous behavior. It also had me silently whispering for her to go home. I adored everything about this book from the beginning to the end.

The characters Sadie meets on her journey each bring out a different trait within her. If you want to enjoy the book as much as I did here’s a secret…

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When I first came upon this book I read many (many) reviews about people raving about how much better the audiobook was than reading the actual hard copy.

Note: If you manage to get the audiobook AND hardcopy mwah you’ve struck book heaven. The book is about 308 pages and the audiobook is 7 hours and 57 minutes.

The audiobook is read by a full cast what that means is that it’s not one person reading the voices of many characters. Instead, it’s a different voice for each character which makes the book more realistic.

I quickly finished the audiobook in a matter of days (or hours I sort of forget putting it down). It captured my attention from the get-go and one of the few audiobooks I consider to be my absolute favorite. You can easily find this and many other audiobooks from your local library.

I’m not the best at giving book reviews because of my constant nagging fear of getting too excited and spoiling the entire book. But, trust me on this one Sadie is definitely worth it. I hope you treasure it as much as I did.

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