The Unhoneymooners (Book Review)

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I like sarcasm. Especially sarcasm in a book. When both characters have a bit of humor to them it is instantly a top favorite of the year. That’s exactly why The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren is one of my favorite books of 2020.

The book revolves around a girl named Olive who’s currently at her sister’s wedding. Her sister is the complete opposite of Olive in every way. Unfortunately, an outbreak from contaminated buffet food occurs at the wedding and the bride and groom (Ami and Dane) cannot attend their own honeymoon in Maui.

Ami is very keen to go on this honeymoon as she won it in a contest and there are no refunds. Ami offers the trip to Olive and she takes it. Meanwhile, Dane offered his spot to his brother Ethan.

Did I mention Ethan and Olive are sworn, enemies? Now they have to spend a 10-day all-inclusive vacation together. Yeah, not something I’d want to do with my enemy.

The book is light-hearted and truth be told just fun. It’s a great book to read if one of the following is happening:

  • You’re having a bad week and need a happy book
  • You crave romantic comedy books
  • You trust my recommendation even if you’re not sure how you feel about romantic comedies
  • You need a book to have on hand for when you get that one ice-breaker question, you know, “What’s the last book you read?”
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What I loved most about this book was the character development in both Olive and Ethan. As a reader seeing everything in Olives’ point of view you’re convinced to hate Ethan alongside her. But, as the story progresses you begin to realize there are two sides to everything.

I’m not one of those people who literally laugh out loud while reading a funny book. But, this book lets just say made me laugh so hard I snorted a few times. Olive and Ethan are cute, Olives overbearing and extremely caring family is cute, Ami and Olive are cute this entire book was adorable. It’s bound to make your heart flutter when good things happen and for it to sink when the bad does.

It was a charming story about not truly knowing anyone especially when you base your assumptions of them on rumors. I highly recommend this book to anyone out there who’s a fan of romantic comedies.

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