Skyhunter by Marie Lu Book Review

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Skyhunter by Marie Lu takes place in a fictional world where the country of Mara is the only free nation. Other nations are overruled by the Federation.

The Federation is able to take control of other nations by creating monster like humans called Ghosts. Ghosts are the unnatural monster like creatures the Federation creates and controls to attack nation after nation.

For years the Federation has been trying to take control of Mara to no avail.

This is because of their strong warriors known as skyhunters. Tamlin is a skyhunter along with a few of her friends. Though she is mute (unable to speak) her actions speak louder than words especially when she is forced to look after a rogue soldier named Red.

When Tamlin figures out who Red really is, she and those around her believe that Red is the key to stopping the Federation from taking over.

This book is a story of survival, adventure and friendship beyond belief.

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Characters – 9/10

Plot – 8.5/10

World Building – 8/10

Writing Style – 9/10

Overall – 9.5/10

I didn’t think I would enjoy this book as much as I truly did. I found the characters to be fulfilling and the plot to be incredibly put together.

When I read this book (several weeks ago) I was in an A Courts of Thorns and Roses slump, so I had not read anything after that series. I picked up this novel on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by the end.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this novel an enemies to lovers book, perhaps it’s more of an enemies to friends book and the sequel will be more enemies to lovers.

Though the overall connection between Tamlin and Red was immaculate!

Now let’s jump into why I rated each category that specific number.

Source : Goodreads

Characters – 9/10

I chose to rate characters 9/10 because I fell madly in love with every one in this book. Whether that be a main character or side.

I loved the relationships that ensued especially because of the fact that warriors in this book share a similar “bond” like in other books. This bond is a sacred act that basically means you and your warrior partner are connected for life.

Plot – 8.5/10

The plot in the first book of a series or duology can sometimes be rushed or doesn’t really explain everything thats going on. Though, I did not feel it in this book – I felt sometimes things tended to drag on. Not too much though, as I was extremely happy with the overall speed.

I loved the adventure Tamlin and her friends went on especially loved the TWIST as the end. This novel is definitely has an action packed plot.

World Building – 8/10

World building in Skyhunter was very interesting. Marie Lu described the world beautifully and was very easy to understand compared to other books I’ve read.

Hint: Crescent City by Sarah J Mass….

Writing Style – 9/10

I’ve always been a fan of Marie Lu’s writing style. I loved her writing in Legend series and this book was no different.

Her descriptions, analogies and character representation was marvelous! This book makes me want to reread the Legend series now.

Overall Rating 9.5/10

Overall, I loved this book and do believe this will end up on my top 20 books of 2021. I’m so excited for the second Skyhunter novel!

Favorite Quotes

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book!

“Because my mother taught me that, in spite of everything, I must choose goodness.”

“You have taken advantage of my silence in every way, robbed me of my dignity and my pride. You have used me for your own gain. Now, in your hour of greatest need, you will use me again. And yet, I will still risk my life to save yours. I swore and oath to this country on the day I donned this coat, to protect you and every other citizen from harm so long as there is breath in my body.”

“We aren’t trusted here – not because of who we are, but where we come from.”

“It is always the gentle ones I fear for the most, those willing to bare their hearts, who grieve for others and feel happy for others’ happiness.”


Is Skyhunter a standalone?

Nope! This book is the duology. The second book in the Skyhunter series by Marie Lu, Steelstriker, is set to come out end of September 2021.

Does Skyhunter include characters with disabilities?

Yes! This is why I love this book! Our main protagonist is mute.

I loved reading about her story.

When does the second book come out?

Steelstriker comes out end of September 2021! I’m so pumped.

I hope you enjoy this in-depth review on Skyhunter. I adored this book and am so happy I was encouraged to read it.

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