The Diviners (A Spooky Book Review)

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Are books about ghosts, demons and the roaring 20’s your calling?

It’s likely you haven’t read books about that, so you’re unsure. No worries, I was too when I was recommended the book The Diviners by Libba Bray.

It’s quite a scary read, they said. It’ll keep you up at night others told me. I’m no scaredy-cat I thought….but, after reading this book I just might be one.

The Diviners, was a book I started the 2020 year with and boy, let me tell you it was one of my best ideas yet to start the year off with this killer novel.

The Diviners Book (source: @readingwithines)

The novel takes place in 1926 following a girl named Evangeline O’Neill (Evie). She had been sent to New York City to live with her uncle. Her uncle, Will, owns a supernatural and paranormal museum. He spends his time studying ancient cryptic messages and the supernatural. Let’s call this the first spooky thing about this book.

While Evie is visiting her uncle, a series of murders take place. Each of these murders is increasingly disturbing. As cryptic messages begin to appear on the dead bodies, Will is called to share his thoughts on what they could entail. Evie, on the other hand, has her own plans and enlists others to track down the killer herself.

In addition, Evie spends a majority of this book accepting herself and her…ability?

Yes, her uncle studies the supernatural and Evie IS the supernatural. She has the ability to see peoples memories and secrets by possessing an object someone has. Told you it gets spookier, ready for the kicker?

Source: @uponthepages

Other people Evie meets along the way as she unravels who the killer is ALSO have supernatural abilities. And not the boring flying or telekinesis. No, I’m talking about the ability to see the future or the ability to avoid being noticed by people.

Libba Bray did an incredible job creating each character. At some point, many of the characters join Evie to find the killer terrorizing new yorkers. On this journey, each character grows and develops one way or another.

I loved many aspects of this novel, including the lingo. Like I’ve mentioned it’s set in the 1920s which means a lot of “that’s the cat’s pajamas” or “applesauce!”. A lot of phrases that’ll have you scratching your head, but really make you feel like you’re there with Evie. I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I do.

(4.5 Stars)

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