5 Simple And Easy Ways To Read More

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I made a goal this year to read 52 books by 2021.

That’s 1 book a week for about 52 weeks.

That is a LOT of books. More books than I’ve ever read in my life.

Yet, I see all these bookish folk go on and on about how they read over 100 books in the past year. How is this even possible? How could someone read 100 books in a year? That’s 2 books a week?? Crazy!

But don’t you wish you could be reading that many books in a week. Perhaps you came here to this post because you want to read more, but aren’t sure how.

Or you’re a beginner reader and want to read more, but your schedule is so hectic you can’t find the time or place to fit it in. This completely understandable and within this post I’m going to provide you with 6 simple ways to start reading more.

Are you ready?

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Tip #1 – Make Reading A Habit

Let’s kick off tip number one with something fairly vague, yet crucial. Make reading a habit.

Nothing quite makes me happier than being able to add a little check in my habit tracker for “Reading”. And seeing all those checks in a row for the week, don’t even get me started.

Make reading a serious habit. They say it takes about a month to make something a habit. If it makes it easier set aside a certain time each day that you read. Consider that certain time your “reading time”.

While you make this habit also set reading goals for encouragement. Today you will read 30 pages in your book and by the end of the week you want to complete 100 at minimum. Small goals like these add up and before you know you’re moving on to your next read!

I make it a habit to read every morning. I find it extremely beneficial for my eyes to adjust to something like reading a book rather than immediately going on my phone.

Tip # 2 – Audiobooks Are Not Your Enemy

Are your nightmares filled with people claiming that audiobooks are “real books”?

Let me tell you something, they are..

Audiobooks are NOT your enemy. Listening to audiobooks is just as important as reading physical books. If you really want to read more, but your life is so busy you don’t have time to listen to an audiobook.

Whether you’re driving to school, work or at home, you can practically listen to an audiobook anywhere! That’s the best thing about them, they’re books that someone reads to you.

I love Audible. Because I’m an Amazon Prime user, I felt it would make sense for me to use audible and each month have the ability to listen to a new audiobook.

Here are some mini tips for finding an audiobook that works best for you:

  • Listen to an audiobook of a book/author that you enjoy already
  • Try to find audiobooks narrated by people you like (I personally love full cast audiobooks as I feel it adds a new dimension to the book)
  • Find audiobook recommendations on social media platforms (Most of the audiobooks I listen to I discovered based on a recommendation)

Audiobooks are a great way to read while doing work. If you’re a student, listening to books is a way to get the thrill of reading while concentrating on schoolwork.

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Tip #3 – A Reading Challenge Fanatic

Ah, reading challenges. Reading challenges are a sure way to get me pumped to jump into a book.

What are reading challenges? Reading challenges are something created by book lovers to encourage others to read more and branch out with their book selections.

These challenges are so much fun! Some of them are based on holidays like Spooky Books in October and others are year round, like the one I’m doing!

The challenge I’m working on is created by Mommy Mannegren. Her challenge for 2020 is 52 books in 52 weeks.

It’s an endless variety of different types of books. Some of which are from different decades, from certain authors, starts with a certain letter etc.

Here are some other Reading Challenges for you:

Comment which reading challenge you’re thinking of trying! Maybe you’ll find an accountability partner to keep you on track year round.

Tip # 4 – Read Instead of Watching T.V

After a long day at school nothing quite hits the spot like eating Chinese food and watching rerunds of The Office.

A petition must be made to prevent this show from leaving Netflix, but that’s a talk for another day.

Today, I dare you for one week instead of watching Netflix or browsing Youtube for hours to spend that time productively. For 30 minutes during the time you would be doing those tasks read a book.

Pick up that dusty book on your shelf that you’ve been meaning to read for ages and just get on it. 30 minutes that’s it. The time will start to add up and before you know it you’ll be reading for the book before you reach for the remote.

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Tip #5 – Read Shorter Books

100 pages deep in a 700 page book feels like nothing. You trudged through those 100 pages, sweat dripping down your forehead, yet you had not even a dent in it.

Too real for you? Me too.

That’s why in times like these I find myself gravitating to shorter books or books I’ve read before. Something about books I’ve read previously make them a much quicker read.

Shorter books, on the other-hand, are a great way to take a break from a super long book or series. It’s a nice break in between.

A shorter book may be 100 or 200 or even less to you. I consider shorter books to be anything I can read in 2 – 3 days maximum, usually these end up being between 150-200 pages.

I hope these tips encourage you read more each day!

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