7 Must-Have Apps To Skyrocket Your Bookstagram

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Where was I before bookstagram? Honestly I have no idea!

I’ve gotten so wrapped up in all the gorgeous photos of books, bookshelves and selfies that I think I might of forgotten to feed my imaginary cat..

In all seriousness, bookstagram is the place to be if you’re a reader like myself and want to share your latest read with the world. On my bookstagram (@thenovelthief) I tend to post everything from selfies to book reviews to beautiful flatlays!

I love interacting with bookworms like myself, that’s why I rely on these 7 bookstagram apps to help make my feed look *chefs kiss*

Though I warn you, my feed is nothing compared to others who have been doing this for years, I feel like with these apps I’m able to create my dream aesthetic bookstagram feed.

Source: @thenovelthief Edited with Lightroom & Picsart

1. Mojo – Stories

Mojo is an epic app to take your stories to the next level! This app has hundreds of story templates as well as animation elements to bring your stories to life.

Instagram stories are so important to utilize as it helps you encourage instagrammers to get to know you better and highlight your favorite posts. It’s a must-learn portion of instagram!

2. Picsart – Photo Editing

Picsart is an app with many beautiful faces. The app allows users to edit their photos in just about everyway possible.

If Lightroom is out of budget and you’re tired of just using VSCO, Picsart allows you to edit even finer details in your photos.

I primarily use this app for its stickers and mask feature. The mask feature allows me to add some dust to the photo to give it that old timey look!

3. Lightroom – Photo Editing

Lightroom is my baby. It’s my tried and true photo editing app, and it is by far my favorite app on this list.

Though I believe it still requires an adobe membership, I would highly recommend considering investing in it! The app has so many editing tools it’s insane and the Desktop version is even better.

If you’re interested in seeing the presets I use to edit my photos in Lightroom, scroll up for a bonus freebie!

Source: Screenshot LIGHTROOM mobile app

4.UNUM – Feed Organization

UNUM is a very popular feed organization app. Though I prefer, Preview, this app has been recommended to me multiple times.

Similar to Preview, UNUM gives you the opportunity to move your photos in whichever way you please to get an idea for a cohesive instagram feed. It’s useful if you’re someone who likes an aesthetic feed.

5. Preview – Feed Organization

Preview is the bookstagram app of my dreams. The app is used to organize your instagram feed.

One of the perks of this app compared to other similar feed organization apps is that it does NOT require instagram access. I love keeping things private, so I enjoy using this app as I set up my instagram feed.

You can move photos around and place them wherever you think looks best.

6. Unfold – Story Templates

Unfold is a new app I had recently come across. The app is used for aesthetic story templates.

Though most of the pretty templates require a purchase of 2 USD, there are several free ones that work well anyways. I ended up purchasing a few extra packs they offer because I love the look of ripped paper on my story.

The app is free and great to create an aesthetic story templates. In addition, there is an area in which you can edit photos.

Source: Screenshot UNFOLD app

7. VSCO – Photo Editing

VSCO is the photo editing app you’ve seen everyone use. It’s a fairly basic photo editing app compared to Lightroom or Picsart. It includes a number of free (and affordable to purchase) presets anyone can use!

These are by far my favorite bookstagram editing apps to use! And did I mention all of them are either free or super affordable.

I can’t believe how much my feed has been approved since using these apps.

What is your favorite editing app?

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  1. First of all, I love your Bookstagram page and your website is on par with that. Thank you for this amazing compilation. I feel a bit hopeful now. I felt so daunted and my feed is a mess. I am working on rectifying it and you’ve put me a step forward.
    Could you tell me some tips for a consistent aesthetic. I have such minimal engagement right now and a consistent aesthetic seems to be a part of the solution.

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