15 Gifts for Book Lovers Of All Ages

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Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries – oh my! Do you have a family member, friend, child, or co-worker that is a book lover and you need to find a gift for them? 

This gift list is perfect for book lovers of all ages and for any occasion. 

Whether you have lots of book lovers to shop for, or you just feel overwhelmed by all the options out there in the world, this crucial list will quell your fears and silence your questions. 

As an avid reader myself, I know that these gifts are perfect for any book lover. And believe me, with the holidays right around the corner, these gifts will bring ultimate joy to your reader. Are you ready to wow your reader?

*Disclosure – This post contains amazon affiliate links, this does not affect your purchase – but it helps me raise money for this blog *

1. Kindle E-Reader

The first item on my list is something that I consider to be essential in a reader’s everyday life. It is the all new Kindle E-Reader (now equipped with a built-in front light). 

It is a fantastic addition to a book lover’s pocket. Because, let’s be honest, life is busy, life is complicated, and life can also be boring

Whether it is getting stuck in line at the pharmacy, waiting in the mechanic’s “lobby,” or simply just stuck in your car before work, this all new Kindle will provide the best escape from the monotonous life and into a fantastical world. All with one swipe of your finger. How great is that? 

And it only gets better. The Kindle is perfect for just about any occasion. And, when it comes to the right moment, nothing says “well prepared” like having 10,000 books ready for any mood a true book lover might find themselves in. So don’t wait another second, gift your book-lover friend a Kindle E-Reader today. They are perfect for all ages! You can buy them on Amazon.

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphone

Sometimes, we are forced to go without our beloved pages and swipes and, instead, forced to drive, work or run. 

So, when it comes to gifts for book lovers that aren’t quite bound by paper and twine, there is nothing better than a pair of good, quality headphones for all your audiobooks needs. That is why the next item on my list is, you guessed it, the brand new Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. 

At just under $100.00, this over-the-ear soundscape set will be perfect for the busy crowds at shopping malls, clocking in the last busy hours just before Christmas break, or simply taking a walk in the afternoon. 

This set of perfectly designed headphones can be outfitted to match any time of year. Book lovers don’t have to be distracted by the noise of this world, give a pair of Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones to your loved one today! 
Grab a pair on Amazon!

3. Audible Subscription

Thanks to the explosion of audio content, audible.com offers some of the most creatively satisfying listens out there. From the classics like To Kill a Mockingbird, read by Sissy Spacek, or a brand new audible play, Seawall/A Life starring Jake Gyllenhaal, this site will never rest until you have the right story for your listening pleasure. This subscription will bring happiness to a book lover of all ages.

4. Book Ornament

I’m sure at this point, you’re probably wondering: what about the personalized items? 
No need to worry! Holidays, birthdays or anniversaries would not be complete without picking out individualized gifts for all the loved ones in your life.

Sometimes it can be easy, like getting aunt Suzie a nice cookbook or brother John the latest video game. But other times, it can be quite overwhelming. Not to mention just how expensive it can all get. That is why my next choice is the perfect stocking stuffer at an easily affordable price.

A Book ornament from Etsy is the perfect, personalized message to those near and dear to say how much you cherish them this holiday season.

5. Book Mug

There is no better gift to buy for someone you know in need of some “me time” and loves books than a book mug

I mean, what’s better than sitting down by a fire, or a warmly lit lamp and reading a book with a cup of something warm inside. From pumpkin-spiced coffee, to green tea with a hint of mint blended in, to maybe hot cocoa in a mug is the perfect book companion for your book-lover friend. 

Thanks to our trusty friends over at Etsy, there are dozens of ideas for which mug works best for your overall bookish theme. The site offers every imaginable decoration to accommodate your friend’s reading pleasure preferences.

From white porcelain mugs with quirky wording and fun designs, to more serious and contemplative coffee drinking outfitted by a dark, wood stained clay mug. When the day’s end comes fast approaching, you don’t want to be left out of the book mug loop, so take advantage now and order one today!

6. Book Socks

Nothing can go wrong with a pair of book socks. 

Yes, you read that right, there are socks for books, about books, or maybe printed on books? All joking aside they are a real thing, and they are fantastic. 

In essence, they are long socks that feature characters, quotes, imagery, a book cover, etc., etc. covering the entire sock. They are perfect because, unlike other socks, these feature books you see all year round and they’re great for all ages! They can be worn under a cozy blanket while watching a movie, walking around at school, or during practice.


Nowadays, there is not a topic in the world that does not get bookmarked (pun definitely intended). Bookmarks are essential to a reader – truly, the perfect gift for them. 

They are great for any occasion! You can give them away during events, birthday parties, or a random day! They make the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer. 

There’s all sorts of bookmarks too! You can give your bookworm a bookmark of their favorite series, character, quote, or even color. They are infinite. And the best part? They are cheap and super easy to find. From Barnes & Noble, to Walgreens, to Etsy, you can find the right bookmark that fits you and the ones you love.

8. Book Journal

There is nothing better than keeping a journal. There are a number of reasons to do it. Some do it to record diets, scripture, dreams, or movies. A book lover is most likely to jot down the very details of the book they just read or make a book list of their next reading adventure.

A book journal is a great present for someone that loves books because they know that this is the journal they can write in. It’s a great reminder for their love of books!

9. Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Glasses can come in handy, especially for the book lover that loves to read on a tablet or laptop. They are especially great for anyone – kids, young adults, and even seniors! The dim light over the blue screens staring at you all day, covered in emails and spreadsheets. A perfect gift for anyone in need of rested eyes. I highly recommend a pair on Amazon.

10. Book Sleeve

Nothing is more frightening to a book reader than their books getting harmed. A book sleeve is the perfect gift to help keep books safe and secure. They are reliable, affordable, and accessible – not to mention, they can be stylish too! With a book sleeve, one simply slips their paper or hardback book into the sleeve and it protects the cover from damages. It’s also a great way to keep a reader’s book private! Find this on amazon!

11. Book Earrings

If your book-loving family or friend loves all books AND dressing up, then a pair of book earrings is the best gift for them. It will be a great accessory that they can throw on with any outfit they love. Book earrings come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You can buy them on Etsy, Amazon or even one of your local department stores. 

12. Floating bookshelves

Is your reader friend struggling with keeping their books organized or running out of space? 

Look no further, I have the perfect gift to their dilemma. 

A book lover thrives when they have storage space for their books, because it means they can buy more books! With these floating shelves, they can easily install on their walls – giving their room a nice fresh, stylish look – AND add as many as they want.

They go in any room and can be gifted for any occasion! The perfect gift for book lovers of all ages! You can buy them on Amazon.

13. Bookends

The perfect gift combo for a book lover is a bookshelf and a bookend. It keeps all their books neatly straightened and visible for when they need to quickly grab that one book. It also helps keep the book’s life span longer by not bending and breaking their spines.

Bookends are great accessories for a book lover and there’s no going wrong with buying a few for them. 
You can grab a few on Amazon.

14. Book-Themed Candle

There’s nothing more relaxing and perfect than a candle – this usually lightens up anyone’s mood and makes the room smell amazing. With this Library Collection Edgar Allen Poe candle, or any other book-themed candle, you’ll make your book lover feel right at home – which is the library or a bookstore. 

These book-themed candles will set the mood just right and last for a very long time. Perfect for a snowy, rainy or even a sunny day. 
They are available on Amazon!

15. Book Of The Month Subscription

So, this last gift idea is the cherry on top for any bookworm and it’s one of my favorites – a book of the month subscription. There’s plenty of companies that offer subscriptions for various items.

A book of the month subscription is an amazing gift to give, because your book lover will be receiving a new book every month! They wouldn’t have to worry about doing all the digging for the latest book – it will be done for them and delivered right to their doorsteps!

A Book of the Month subscription is great for all ages and they can be filtered to their preferred genres. Some book subscription companies also allow readers to return the book if they didn’t like it or keep it! Very economically friendly for everyone! 

There’s so many great gifts to choose from for all ages and they can all be found in the links provided. This carefully compiled list is a must-have for myself and for anyone who loves a quiet, wordy world full of magical sentences of breathtaking storytelling. So what gift will you be getting your book-lover?

Enjoyed reading this post? Feel free to check out some of my other posts for book recommendations and more!

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