5 Book Subscriptions To Try If You’re Addicted To Reading!

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These past few months, while bored in quarantine, I spent an obscene amount of money on book subscription boxes. A ridiculous amount of money now that I can admit it.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning and explain what exactly a book subscription is. A book subscription is a type of subscription for readers, usually sold on it’s own website or through a third party seller like Cratejoy.

Within these boxes are an abundance of things usually including a book and items going with the overall theme of the book/box. I’ve received many things in my book subscriptions including tote bags, posters, tea, stickers, bookmarks and more.

Usually you would pay a monthly fee, but you also have the option to buy a one time fee. The standard price is between 19$ – 30$.

Let’s get right into these book boxes, so you know exactly which one to try!

Source: Unicorncrate on Instagram

1. UnicornCrate

The Unicorn Crate was the first box I bought. It was fairly priced (and wasn’t sold out within minutes). 

The theme for the box I bought was “Hidden Realms” with an emphasis on hidden doors, mermaids, unicorns, etc. The box arrived on time with the novel inside, as well as multiple novelty gifts. In the box I received Chai tea, Unicorn tea infuser, a bookmark, tote bag and more.

Out of all this my favorite is definitely the unicorn tea infuser. As a tea drinker (or lover), this is one of the many items I’ll definitely use on a daily basis. I also loved the tote bag! If you’re looking for a starter crate with an emphasis on the magic within, this box may just be for you!

Overall I would rate this crate an 8.5/10

2. Introvert Box

The coziest of these boxes is the Introvert Box. The Introvert Box was a very small book related box. Though it didn’t have a lot of items in it, it was fairly priced and had more self-care items.

The box revolves around the idea of self-care with items like bath salts, tea and more. In the latest box one of my favorite and most used items is of course the mint scented bath salts. It smells amazing and is very calming.

I love self-care and mixing it with reading is exactly what I love. I didn’t feel like the items justified the price though. The box came with a candle, bath salts and a couple other small items.

Overall I would rate this box a 7/10

Source: OwlCrate on Instagram

3. Unplugged Book Box

Personally, I felt as though this box was over hyped. Though the objects I received in my book box were unique to others, I expected more given the amount I paid for the box.

Within the September box I had received a candle, tote bag, lip scrub and the tapestry. It’s possible that I just happened to order a box theme that didn’t appeal to me.

Unplugged subscription boxes usually ship the first week of the month which meant it took a while to ship, but it was expected as I knew it would not ship out for a few weeks. I’m really happy I was able to try this subscription and look forward to seeing what their October themed box looks like!

Overall I would rate this box a 6.5/10

4. OwlCrate

The final two crates are some of the most popular ones on this list. I’d highly recommend jumping on their newsletter so that you are able to purchase the box once the theme is released. OwlCrate and FairyLoot tend to sell out within the hour.

OwlCrate is by far my favorite box on this list. The items in this box are of a huge variety with handmade tote bags, bookmarks, candles, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and much much more. All of the items are high quality and emphasizes the theme. In addition a lot of these items are rare.

I love each month’s theme and the effort the creators go into making the boxes. And the books are highly anticipated by some of my favorite authors.

Overall I would rate this crate: 9/10

Source: Fairyloot on Instagram

5. FairyLoot

I truly believe that this final crate is created by fairies because of the gorgeous boxes that get sent out. Though this is one of the few boxes, I haven’t tried personally, this box similar to OwlCrate is always sold out. Book lovers all over flock to fairyloot book subscription boxes.

It may be fairly obvious that the theme of fairyloot is magic. Everything in the unknown and majestic realms. So if you are a lover of fairies, mermaids and any mystical fantasy books this subscription is perfect for you!

Fantasy is my favorite book genre, so it’s no surprise that this book subscription would be my favorite. Most (if not all) of their books revolve around fantasy worlds. The boxes are filled with high quality unique items similar to those in Owlcrate.

Overall I would rate this crate: 10/10

It’s important to do your own research if you want to try a book subscription box in order to find a theme that fits your needs. You’ll see that most of these book subscriptions on this list are fantasy themed as that is one of my favorite genres.

Let me know if you find any book subscriptions that you love!

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