8 Magnificent Reasons to Read Something New!

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Honestly, do you truly enjoy reading anything but your favorite genre? I could read piles of science fiction and fantasy books, but when it comes to historical fiction there is a possibility I’d barely get through the first chapter.

It’s not my fault, it’s simply a book preference.

Truth be told I’ve been working on this as much as I can by branching out into book genres I’m not quite used to.

Recently I found myself drawn to the witch side of books and am currently reading novels that are in the self-transformation genre. These books consist of crystal and divination studies.

I’d love to take this opportunity to encourage you to also branch out with new genres and exciting reasons as to why it might be beneficial!

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1. Learn Something New

One of the most exciting reasons to branch out with a new genre is to LEARN SOMETHING NEW! This is a crucial way to expand on your own boundaries.

If you want to learn a new hobby or anything bookish and you’re tired of reading the same books try reading a new genre.

2. You’re Craving Something Different

Are you sick of the same boy meet girls, they fight then come back together love stories? Or maybe you’re tired of the same fantasy books, why not reach for something completely different!

Follow your desire and read that historical fiction or bibliography you’ve wanted to read for ages.

3. Looking For New Authors

I have an obsession with the same authors. I love their writing and I won’t say this issue will go away all of a sudden, however, finding new authors you love may help you discover more about the authors you already read.

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4. You’ll Have A Better Understanding Of The World

Not only would reading new material benefit you, but it would also help you understand current issues our world suffers from. Issues that many people go through everyday.

5. Learn New Things About Yourself

This seems self explanatory, but yes, by reading new material you’ll learn things about yourself. Maybe this author never really was your favorite? Maybe you never really liked fantasy books for young adults, but prefer them for adults.

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6. Your Own Writing Will Improve

Are you a writer of sorts? Perhaps you have found yourself stuck on what you should write or how to continue, well, do I have a secret for you.

Try reading other authors materials! It will inspire you to improve your own writing.

7. You’ll Feel Inspired

This is a cliche, but true. And I can be the first to admit it. By reading new books and discovering new authors you’ll definitely feel inspired to read more in that specific genre.

8. Your Vocabulary Will Improve

Who would have thought that reading does in fact improve your vocabulary over time!

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We’ve reached the end once again! As you can see there are sooo many book genres to try and fall in love with. What’s the worst that could happen from trying something new? You may realize it’s your new favorite genre or your least favorite!

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