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7 Book-Related Products You Absolutely Need In Your Life Right Now

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Finding cheaper alternatives to Barnes & Nobles books is my guilty pleasure. Amazon just happens to be my go-to when looking for books.

That’s where I was when I happened to be recommended a Bookseat. What in the hell is a book seat? Well, it looked a bit like a couch for your books. Anyways, that one item led me down a spiral of many other bookish items.

Needless to say, I ended up spending way too much of my valuable time hunting down items that could make reading more of an ease.

I’m here to help you so I compiled a list of 7 objects I found and use on a daily basis that has made reading a breeze.

The Book Seat from – Etailz

Where It’s Found: Amazon (39.90 USD)

What It Does & How To Use It:

The Book Seat is a cushion for your books. It’s an object for people who like reading on public transportation, planes, in bed, etc.

That strap you see on the bottom is connected to a plastic strip that keeps your book in place in whatever position you sit in.

Useful Rating:

I hate hardcover books. They’re pretty, however, it’s extremely annoying to have the bottom corner dig into your ribs while you try to read at night.

This book is one of the best solutions out there! When I read a hardcover (haven’t tried it with a soft cover book yet) I strap it into the bookseat and am able to sit anyway I want.

I personally enjoy laying down and putting the book seat on an angle. This is a highly recommended product!

The Book Seat (Source: Amazon)

Neck Book Light

Where It’s Found: Amazon (Range of Prices)

What It Does & How To Use It:

This an unusual book related item. The book lights I’m used to require you to snap it on the book.

This can be an issue for several reasons. You have to constantly snap it between pages and sometimes it doesn’t hold if your book is a thick one. That’s were the book neck light comes in handy!

This a book light that drapes around your neck. There is no snapping involved and for the most part, many of these lights are chargeable.

Recharable LED Booklight

Useful Rating:

This light is always my go-to for reading at night. I love the fact that I don’t have to awkwardly hold the booklight if the pages or cover is too flimsy.

It’s easily adjustable and rechargeable which is great if you have no batteries in your house!

Book Page Holder – TILISMA

TILISMA Book Page Holder

Where It’s Found: Amazon ( 12.98 USD)

What It Does & How To Use It:

This is a pretty easily and extremely useable item. A book page holder is just what the title says, it holds open the pages of your books.

You would put your thumb into that hole and are then able to hold a book open with one hand. It’s great if you’re busy and need one hand empty.

Surprisingly, this object doesn’t make the book heavier and it comes in the sizes small, medium and large (depending on your thumb size)

Useful Rating:

If I’m being honest I haven’t used this item as much as others. Why? truth be told I’m head over heels with The Book Seat and if I need to read I primarily use that object.

That’s not to say I don’t love this object, I do. And I look forward to using it more often.

My Personal Bookmarks

Magnetic BookMarks

Where It’s Found: ANYWHERE! I got mine from Universal Studios…can you tell from which world?

What It Does & How To Use It:

The magnetic bookmark is a placeholder that snaps onto each page magnetically. It’s a breeze to use and useful if you tend to lose all your paper/plastic bookmarks (I might of just outed myself with that one).

It’s important to note that you can only magnetically connect it to one page. Two pages or more is too thick for the magnets.

Useful Rating:

I really enjoy my own magnetic bookmarks because of these reasons.

  1. It’s a bookmark of Harry Potter World. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter-related projects? If you’re a fan of a certain band or book try seeing if they sell a magnetic bookmark too.
  2. It doesn’t fall out or isn’t as easily misplaced (as long as you take care of it)

A big con (that I’ve heard, but have not discovered yet) is that the magnet may ware overtime.

Bathtub Tray – Dozyant

Where It’s Found: Amazon (32.99 USD)

What It Does & How To Use It:

This object is a tray for bathtubs. On it you can do a number of different things like reading or watching a movie on a tablet.

It’s probably important to mention that if you don’t take a bath or have a bathtub that can fit a tray this isn’t an object for you.

Useful Rating:

This product hasn’t been as useful to me as it used to be. The main reason is after some home renovation, my tub no longer fits a standard bathtub tray.

My Book Tote from Strand Bookstore in N.Y.C

A Bookish Tote

Where It’s Found: Anywhere! Try looking on Etsy or Amazon for some creative ones.

What It Does & How To Use It:

It’s beginning. The transition from plastic bags to reusable ones. Have you ever left a bookstore with a dozen books and no way to carry them?

Fear no more, here is a super cute solutions just for you. Totes! I love carrying everything in my tote bags from books to school related stuff.

If you ever feel the need to read somewhere that isn’t in your bed, you can easily carry around your books in a lovely little tote.

Useful Rating:

I’m really happened my state recently passed a law banning plastic bags in stores and this tote has become extremely useful. I take it with me to the bookstore, library, practically anywhere I figure I’d be carrying lots of things.

Sticky Notes & Colored Pens

Alright, I’m going to keep this one simple. If you don’t know what a sticky note is I’m a bit concerned.

A sticky note is sticky piece of notepaper you can write things down on and stick to any surface.

Why is this along with pens useful for readers? Have you ever started a book, put it down for a while and came back no idea what happened previously.

Now you have to re-read the previous chapters to get a better understanding of where you left off. It’s frustrating to say the least.

This is why I rely on annotating my books with a colored pen. I also utilize stick notes to list a couple super quick notes on what happened in the previous chapter. I tend to do this more for books I read during the school year.

I hope you find these items just as useful as I do!

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