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I’m a big fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I couldn’t help but fall in love with the mythological world, characters, and adventures. The series made me feel like I was part of their world and I wanted to keep reading more despite finishing the series. If you’re feeling the same way, then you’re in luck! There’s plenty of great books that are like the Percy Jackson series and I’m here to tell you all about them! 

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Books like Percy Jackson

1. Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

With a combination of West-African heritage and American experiences, Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor is an enchanting, fantasy novel. Readers say it is one of the most imaginative, jam-packed mythology books out there. It will definitely satisfy your need for a book similar to the Percy Jackson series.

The book opens the door to a strange yet beautiful world that is rooted in real things and real places. The story is centered around a teen, named Sunny Nwazue, who is born to Nigerian parents in the United States. Sunny discovers that her background and nature are far from what she would have imagined. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to another one who is searching for another book like Percy Jackson.

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2. The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

Meet Lina Mayfleet, a young girl trapped inside an imprisoning world. The City of Ember is a city that no one can see until they go beneath the surface. The setting for this survivalist tale is a post-apocalyptic city set underground, teetering on the brink of collapse from all sides.

In order to escape with her life, she and her friend Doon Harrow must follow the clues left behind by the original builders of the City. But it won’t be easy with the end of the world right on their heels. So strap in, turn off the lights, and get your coal miner’s hat on, because this story will take you to the darkest places where only the truest light can shine.

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3. Knights of the Borrowed Dark Series by Dave Rudden

When the world was first introduced to Percy Jackson, we got our first brush with what it might feel like to be an orphan. Little did we know what it’s really like. But there is someone who does know what it’s like, and his name is Denizen Hardwick, a rough-and-tough orphan trapped without the power of magic.

There is no secret world where everyone knows his name, he’s just another forgotten young soul. Until he is rescued one night by a stranger in a loud car, with only the promise of a long-lost aunt to keep his hope alive.

But when the stranger disappears in the midst of a terrible accident, Denizen Hardwick must come to grips with the world on his own. Luckily, when a group of Knights come upon him,   Denizen might have more of a future in the outside world than he ever could have dreamed. Maybe he could save the world himself and finally be remembered, instead of forever living as what he once was: forgotten.

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Books like Percy Jackson for Adults

I know that the Percy Jackson series is geared more towards pre-teens and teens, but there’s plenty of books out there that are like the Percy Jackson series but for adults! These books will take you into a fantasy, mythological world that is like the one in the Percy Jackson series. There’s plenty of adventure, action, and… romance. You won’t get enough of these books like Percy Jackson for Adults!


1. A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett St. Clair

Persephone might be the Goddess of Spring according to rumors. The truth is the exact opposite, any earthly thing she touches succumbs to its untimely death. While hiding this truth from the world under the auspices of being a journalist, Persephone meets Hades, the God of Death.

The immortal himself is alive and well, as truly evil as the rumors would suggest, and using that magic to run a wildly dangerous casino where the ultimate bet is your life. When a bet is wagered against Persephone to bring Hades’s collected souls back to life, she will risk everything to take a chance on the truth. But will she succumb to love with the very man who could steal her soul?

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2. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and learn about Greek history through osmosis, not just research? Welcome to the land of past lives. This book will travel you back to the agent cities where Gods and Goddesses ruled over the heavens and the earth, summoning powers from forces all around them. In this story, the infamous Achilles will team up with the awkward Patroclus, to stop the biggest crime in their lifetime: the abduction of Helen of Sparta.


3. Circe by Madeline Miller

And if that wasn’t enough, Madeline Miller has let us know that she truly is to Greek mythology what John Le Carre was to spy novels. In this story of beautiful romance and bitter rivalry, the powerful magician-like Goddess Circe is banished to an island for her sins against the gods. There she must fight her way through some of the toughest odds, not just within this infinite world of monsters and men, but within herself all the same. If you want escapism, nothing draws you back further into time than the timeless tales of this immortal world. 

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More Books like Percy Jackson Series

1. The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

Some of us just need a good series in our lives. And I’m not just talking about Netflix or Hulu, I’m talking about good old-fashioned books. Yes, the series of YA novels written by the very man that brought us Percy Jackson has written The Trials of Apollo. In this collection of adventure tales, the very same characters, stories, and themes from The Heroes of Olympus have been brought back into another perspective. These five books, plus a rumored sixth one, are classic Riordan, only at a higher level. Some would say, he may have never been better. I might have to agree.

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2. Persephone: The Daughter of Zeus by Kaitlin Bevis

Athens, Georgia has not always been a place for the underworld of Greek mythology, but it is for Persephone. Appearing at first as your average teenage daughter, Persephone works with her mother in a flower shop. Nothing could be more average, right? Wait until you are whisked away into the underworld, married to The God of Death who does not love you, and are forced into a war for the ages. Yeah, and that is only the beginning. Keep on reading, you won’t ever want to stop. 

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3. Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

What if you were forced to hide your ancestral powers in the only place on earth where everyone knew your name? That is how we first meet Helen Hamilton, a sheltered girl in a sheltered world. It is only when the fate of that world, and the old and new worlds swirling around inside of her, does she have to choose between using her abandoned powers, or letting fate decide who will live and who will die. Hopefully it won’t be her new crush, Lucas. Only Helen has the answer to the one question we all carry with us: do we have the power to change our lives? 

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Even More Books like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter

I’m throwing Harry Potter into this mix because who doesn’t like Harry Potter? (If you don’t, then your mind might change after reading these books!) There’s a lot of fantasy, magic, and adventure in these books that are like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.


1. Lore by Alexandra Bracken

You know the old myth we all love, the one where the old gunslinger decides to come back out of retirement one last time? Now imagine it’s a Greek goddess who secretly lives in New York City as a mortal. That is the tale of Lore Perseous, a haunted descendant of the gods, and a survivor of The Agon, a tournament set every seven years to determine which god can survive the longest as a real human. The price is death, and Lore has long ago walked away from her debt to the underworld. But now the tournament is about to begin and two lost souls have come to her for everlasting hope. Will she turn away these two helpless gods to save her own life, or will she risk her own to put a stop to the evil ways of the gods once and for all? 

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2. Mark of the Thief by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sometimes, nothing is better than a noir-style Spy film. Dark silhouettes of dangerous wrongdoers, dower yet dashing gentlemen in trench coats, all double crossing one another around every shadowy corner. Now just set that espionage intrigue inside the world of the Roman Empire and you have yourself a page-turner, in my humble opinion of course.

We meet our tragic hero of this tale, Nic, as a slave for the Romans. But after he finds the secret to a magic power beyond anything a man could fathom, he becomes the number one target for everyone in the city. Why? Because the power he holds cannot only set him free, it can bring a lot of lives to a very bitter end.

Those who trust him can’t find him, those who fear him are fleeing for their lives, and those who know the true power he holds are hunting him no matter the cost. It only goes to show that with great power comes something else…oh yeah, the ability to save your life. Can he do that before someone else loses theirs?

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3. The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Some characters are so magical that they feel as real to us as the ocean. But the ocean can play tricks on us. It can ebb and flow, rise up and fall back down again. It moves with the wind and yet it moves on its own. There is no prediction to it, no true understanding of its meaning or its power.

The very same could be said of Deka, our leading heroine in this special novel. Deka comes from a village where the determination for your acceptance lies in the color of your own blood. When her is drawn to reveal gold instead of red, Deka must finally accept the truth: she is not like anybody else.

At least, not anyone in her village. But the world grows much wider for Deka when she is asked to join a league of young women very similar to her. Together they will fight to save the rest of the villages.

Because, as I’m sure you know, we are all born with a special gift. If we’re lucky, some of us are called upon to use those gifts. For sixteen-year-old Deka, that luck will come at a price: be accepted into her home, or risk her life to save it? Pick up a copy and find out today!

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I loved Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and knew I had to compile a list of books similar to Ready Player One in every aspect.

So, there you have it – a list of books that are like the Percy Jackson series. These books had me daydreaming of far better magical worlds than the present. I highly recommend reading the Percy Jackson books AND books similar to the series. You won’t regret picking up one of these books, I promise! 

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