I’m Ash!

It’s so lovely to see you on my blog, and even cooler to see your interest to get to know the author behind it. As you can see, I’m Ash (or Ashley if you want to be formal). I’m 23 years old and started this blog about 2 years ago. As a book nerd I wanted to share my love for all books with the rest of the world.

As I write this about me page, I realize how difficult it is to talk about yourself like this. I could make up stuff, perhaps say I won an award of some kind? But, that would be a lie. I’m just a 23 year old book nerd in the same shirt as last night who is estatic to see you visited her blog. Seriously, out of all the book blogs you’re here? That’s f*cking awesome.

P.S If you want to work with me, keep scrolling for the how-to’s.

My Favs

Fav Book

Six Of Crows

Fav Cartoon

Gravity Falls

Fav Color

Forest Green

Fav Animal


If you’re interested in working with me whether it be a collaborative post, custom drink or book review please feel free to reach out:

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