How To Annotate A Book


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If you’re still hesitant to completely write in your book, start with highlighting/underlining your favorite quotes/passages.


1. Highlighting/Underlining

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to ruin the pages of your book,  it’s good to use colorful tabs. Give each color a different meaning and tab the pages while you’re reading.

2. Colorful tabs

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If you have no problem writing in your books, keep a pen with you at all times while you’re reading. Write your thoughts, reactions, notes, etc. anything it is that you want!

3.  Write your thoughts as you read

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Create a book annotation key for yourself and assign different symbols for different passages you would like marked. The symbols are completely up to you, be creative!


4.  Create a key and use symbols

If you’re still hesitant to write in your books and you don’t feel like using colorful tabs, you can write down your thoughts on post-it notes and stick them to the specific page.

5.  Post-It Notes

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