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Incredible Books Like Where The Crawdads Sing

Where The Line Bleeds by Jesmyn Ward

A coming of age story following two fraternal twins just after graduating high school. As both brothers begin to choose their own paths they take different routes and their decisions begin to contrast. It's a story about family and always remembering your way home.

Beast of Extraordinary Circumstances by Ruth Emmie

The narrative of this story is told through the different perspectives of peoples’ experiences with our protagonist Weylyn Grey, who seems to have had a significant role in the lives of everyone he meet. A great story about adventure, love and curiosity.

Beartown by Fedrick Backman

Set in a dying city where the only slimmer of hope is their junior ice hockey team to win the national championship. What we think will be a touching story, turns into a murder mystery about a town who will do anything to keep their head above water.

Educated by Tara Westover

The story is told through our author Tara Westover’s memories and experiences growing up in her unconventional family dynamic on a farm in rural Idaho.

Let The Willows Weep by Sherry Parnell

Birddog Harlin is a young girl from rural America in a struggling and unhappy family. The only support she has in her family is her brother Denny and her father. As time goes on she loses touch with her brother only to be brought back in touch when the one thing they love most dies - their father.